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Fredrik has very broad expertise in nutrition and nutrition. Lectures can of course be tailor-made for you, both in terms of content and time. The most common is 1-2 hours of lecture.

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Fredrik is unable to answer personal questions about diet and nutrition.
Instead, he refers to the Swedish Business Academy (+46 8 440 90 80).

Popular topics

Biohack – the magic food

In recent decades, research has presented astonishing facts about what food and special ingredients can achieve almost magical effects in the body. Therefore, the concept of Biohack has arisen and it is about how with the right knowledge can influence its biology by influencing / protecting the genetic mass, influencing the liver’s metabolism and nutrition, optimizing the function of the muscles or stimulating the systems in the body that are behind fat burning. If you choose this lecture, you can influence what direction Fredrik should have, for example against aging, cancer inhibition, performance enhancement, optimization of the intestinal flora or something else entirely. Email fredrik@paulun.se with your own suggestion.

Paulun’s pantry

What should you have at home in the pantry to provide the whole family with the nutrition they need? Fredrik goes through what his own fridge, freezer and pantry contains and how to think when shopping. Is organic food better than conventional? How much sugar should you really eat? Do you have to become vegan? These and many other questions are answered in this lecture which has a lot of focus on children and family life.

Shortcuts for fat burning

Fat burning is a grateful topic. If you increase it, you will achieve a better endurance and a lighter weight. If you want to lose weight, fat burning is really a friend to hold in your hand. By eating the right foods and the right way, you will induce the body to use a greater proportion of fat as fuel. This means that the fat slowly but surely “melts away” and use as energy instead of being stored. At the same time, your body has access to a greater amount of energy and can therefore perform better in endurance. Lifestyle factors such as stress and sleep are also included in the lecture.

Diet for exercise

How should you eat before, after and maybe during training to maximize endurance and strength while getting maximum recovery? The lecture can be angled to better suit endurance training or strength training. Fredrik can also focus on children and / or the elderly, and how these groups really get the most out of their training with the help of the right food.

Basic Nutrition

This is a lecture for those who want to know how a fist raisin can be transformed into a thought or a couple of running steps in the body. The purpose of the lecture is to give a basic understanding of what the food actually does in the body. Protein, fat, carbohydrates, alcohol, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants etc are all substances included, as well as water of course.

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